Here is a short questionnaire to help you get an idea of your character’s personality and history.

Complete it as best as possible and you will find that there is more to your character than you thought! :-)

Personality (must work with deities, moral codes, background, player interaction, enemies, alignment)
Shim is a very careful and analytical person. He doens’t like getting into situations when he hasn’t had time to prepare and make a plan. He’s a little neurotic and leary of almost everything. When in a situation he’s unfamilur with, he takes great care to check out everything in his surrounds looking to use things to his advantage. He’s constantly trying to find a way to get the upper hand in anything, and while most people are thinking about the now, he’s thinking about the next and what then. Shim also doens’t like sitting still. Whether it be in the room or region, because of his past he feels he’s constantly being hunted. Just like his mom, he’s skittish around strangers and perfers to keep himself hidden and in the background. Because of how remote the Teifling village is, his perception on some societies and cultures his based off of his immidiate observations

Patron Deity(s)

3 NPCs (at minimum provide name, race, age, job, and relationship with you
Raven: Rogue She was my twin sister. I’ll admit, she was better in mom’s garden and special “kitchen” than I was by far. But she didnt take to dad’s physical training or mom’s keen eye for cautionas well as I did. Maybe she would have survived if she had… Raven’s wings were stunning. As black as her name sake’s, but built for sheer speed. I… I managed to take some of her feathers with me when our parents came for us… I keep them bound into my hair with some of the bead’s from the necklace dad gave her…
Umbra, Aka Dad Monk Dad was from the Order of the Silent Fist. He was always insisting that Raven and I trained with him. We were never sure why and Raven didn’t see the point. But I always found it fun to work with Dad. He was always very proud that not just one, but both of his children were Reborn with wings. He didn’t have any, but he had some viscous claws on his hands and feet, and spikes running down his forearms. I was always jealous of his claws, but he always told me “The river gives us each our own gifts when we are reborn. Your mother her quills and venom, you and your sister’s wings and grace, and I my claws. It is for each of us to be pround of our gifts and to use them to become stronger”
Quill, aka Mom Rogue
Mom was an odd one. She avoid contact with everyone outside the village, and she’d just disapear whenever strangers were around. She always seemed to be looking over her shoulder too. Like she was expecting Raven and I knew she wasn’t a good person before she met dad, but to us she didn’t seem like a bad person. Her greatest pride was in her garden, and her odd “kitchen” that was built seperate from the house. Raven loved working with her in the garden and kitchen. I mom was teaching her to make different poisons, potions and whatnot. She tried teaching me, but it all just seemed to go over my head. And she was always writing notes in a book she carried everywhere with her. She’d see a new plant and become so super focused on it and taking notes about it that sometimes we’d have go find her out in the woods and tell her it was time to come home. Everything in the book was writen in some language that doesn’t make sense to me. Raven could read it though.

Quotes/parables/proverbs you live by
“You might want to let me take a look at that first…”
“It looks clear… you go first…”
“Did you hear something?”

Goals (short and long term, for you as well as your PC)
Short term: Get out of this place alive, find the children, recruit the girl.
Long term: Get info on mom and dad, translate mom’s book and further her research, avenge Raven

Why do you adventure?
Continue mom’s research, translate her book of notes, to find any information about what might have happened to mom and dad, if they’re possibly still alive. Annihilate the last few survivors of the Creeping Miasma guild. To find a way to possible restore my wings

What irks you?
People who take advantage of children. Creatures that taunt me with flight

What do you value?
Family, shadows, information.

Do you work well with others?
Yes, as long as they’re decent decoys

Where do you call home?
I had a home once… its not safe to go back thre any more.

What’s your approach to combat?
Analyze the situation, pick a target, make a plan, proceed with caution and unseen. If that fails, run.

When faced with a challenge, how do you tend to react?
From an aprehensive and analytical point of view. Preferably form behind or above.

When you die, where will you go?
I guess I won’t know until it happens… preferably not anytime soon


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