About two hundred years ago a colossal storm system struck Rel’Astra.

Legend has it that weeks passed where every day was a different kind of storm, and not a spot of land was left dry.

After hail, sleet, tornadoes, hurricanes, and even electrical storms, the weather began to ease, at least on land. In all the seas surrounding Rel’Astra however, great storms circle the continent like predators preparing to catch their next victim. Sometimes these various storms travel inland but they tend to be fairly brief, and rarely as destructive as the legends told.

Sea travel has become all but a campfire story due to the storms that wreck the shores on a weekly basis, occasionally leaving behind corpses amidst broken masts and waterlogged cargo. Since no one has successfully braved the seas since the permanent storm system arrived, the only boats that are still made are small craft intended to transport supplies up and down stream.

The climate of Rel’Astra can vary based on location, from the arctic mountains of Coldain in the northwest to the tropical cliffs of Tallys. Most weather systems that move through the continent stay near the coastlines but usually are dangerous enough to seek shelter from, which gave way to the tradition of Storm-peace.


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