Tien Thalass

Serious, friendly, loyal, faithful, kind, and compasionate. Protector of nature(plants and animals), and other “lesser” beings.

Patron Deity:
Ehlonna, goddess of the woodlands.

3 NPCs relationship to you:

  1. Lauranthel Thalass – Mother – Human High Priestess.
  2. Ellorra Thalass – Sister – Half Elf Ranger.
  3. Professor Mizzan Ugomi – Mentor/Tutor – historian(I believe he has deep feelings for my mother).

Quotes/parables/proverbs you live by:
Do unto others! Follows a strict code of honor adhering to the law of karma!

Spiritual growth. Changing others through example! To be of assistance to others,

Why do you adventure?
Presently looking for my sister.

What irks you?
Lies, greed, destruction, and irresponsibility for ones actions.

What do you value?
Nature, knowledge, and spirituality.

Do you work well with others?
Very well!!

Where do you call home?

What’s your approach to combat?
Diplomacy then combat!

When faced with a challenge, how do you tend to react?
Thoughtfully and precisely.

When you die, where will you go?
Ehlonna will welcome me home.

Tien Thalass

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