Thoven Bearcharger

Friendly, always willing to help others. Lives off the land and respects nature. Mostly works alone but warmed up to working in groups after meeting Adolamin Stalkingwolf a few years ago.

Patron Deity(s):
Ehlonna – Goddess of woodlands

3 NPCs relationship to you:

  1. Riceak Dewshining – Mentor – Elven Hunter
  2. Leoorin Carter – Family Friend – Half Elven Traveling Merchant
  3. Iriesaadi Bearcharger – Older Sister – Elf

*Quotes/parables/proverbs you live by: *

Hunting a Mystical beast that destroyed your town and family when young. Don’t have much to go on.

Why do you adventure?
Trying to find the beast that destroyed my Home.

What irks you?

What do you value?

Do you work well with others?

Where do you call home?
Small Town that was destroyed.

What’s your approach to combat?
Avoid fighting if possible but not afraid to get my hands dirty.

When faced with a challenge, how do you tend to react?
Calm and collected

When you die, where will you go?
Back to the forest

Thoven Bearcharger

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